Ahhh Family and Friends

Family & Friends ❤

I can honestly say I have some of the best family and friends. They never cease to amaze me. Sure, we all have those members that we rarely talk to except at reunions. How about those family members and/or friends that rise up to the occasion and surprisingly become your biggest supporters? Well I have a few family members and friends that have really touched me and took me by surprise. There are a few cousins that have gone the extra mile in getting the word out there about my book. They are telling so many people and giving my information to the local book clubs. Their support is not taken lightly. Of course, then there is my best friend the Easter Bunny (LOL) and my niece Jennifer that are always supporting me and giving me ideas…. thank you all that have been there from the beginning and never wavered in your decision to be a fan! I ❤ U